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Detector & Nuclear Electronics:

1. Vanuxem J.P. (CERN). The CERN-EP Electronics Pool: Past, Present and Future.

2. Vankov I. (INRNE, Sofia). Problems of the Front-end Electronics Low Voltage Power Supply in CMS.

3. Gorbachev E.V. (JINR). Computer Simulation of the Electrical Circuit of the Wideband Power Amplifier for Transverse Damping System of LHC.

4. Lebedev N.I. (JINR). Measuring Unit for System Characteristics Taking for LHC Dumper.

5. Firuzabadi M.M. (Dep.of Phys., Birjand Un., Iran). Differential Cherenkov Counter for Rare Processes in Subthreshold K-meson Production.
        Authors: M.M. Firuzabadi (Dep.of Phys., Birjand Un., Iran ), U. Kisilov (ITEP, Moscow), V.Ushakov (ITEP, Moscow)).

6. Kalinin A. (JINR). Tests of the Plastic Strip Detector with WLS Fibres Read-out.
        Authors: A.Kalinin, P.Levchenko, Z.Krumstein, A.Nozdrin, A.Sadovsci, L.Tkatchev (JINR). 

7. Volkov Yu.A.(MEPhI). Semicustom Arrays for Implementation of Front-end Electronics ICs.
        Authors: Atkin E.V.(*), Demin A.A.(**), Ilyushchenko I.I.(*), Khokhlov M.V.(**), Kondratenko S.V.(*), Maslennikov V.V.(*), 
                                    Mishin Yu.N.(*), Pleshko A.D.(*), Volkov Yu.A.(*). 
             Affiliations: (*)MEPhI, (**)SRIPEA-Zelenograd). 

8. Chernikov V. (RIPT). Multichannel Printed Circuit Units for Collecting Detector signals.
        Authors: V.Chernikov (RIPT), V.Subbotin(*), Yu.Mishin(**), Yu.Volkov(**).
            Affiliations: (*)RIPT, (**)MEPhI. . 

9. Subbotin V. (JINR). Calibrating Precise Pulse Generator.

10. Petrov A. (Plovdiv University). Oversampling Sigma-Delta Analog to Digital Converter with Operational Transconductance Amplifiers.
        Authors: Tokmakov D.M. , Petrov A.G., Mileva N.S. (Plovdiv University).

11. Dimitrov L. (INRNE, Sofia). High Voltage Module Control Logic.
        Authors: Dimitrov L.P., Kounov B.B. (INRNE, Sofia).

12. Mitev M. (Technical University, Sofia). Time to Time Converter.

13. Benech Ph. (IMEP, Grenoble). Studied and Modelisation of a New Type of Piezoelectric Transformer using Piezopolymer.
        Authors: Terziev G.I. (INRNE, Sofia), Benech Ph. (IMEP, Grenoble). 

14. Petev P.A. (Sofia University) An Internet Controlled High Voltage Power Supply System for the Experiment COMPASS
        Authors: A.P. Petev (Sofia University), T.S. Todorov (Technical University, Sofia), I.N. Nenov, I.S.Stojkov (ELF, Sofia)


15. Korobchenko M.L. (JINR) et al. The Use of Integral TDCs with Picosecond Resolution at the IBR-2 Spectrometers.

16. Bogdzel A.A. (JINR). Electronics for a 16 Channel BGO Scintillation Detector.
        Authors: Bogdzel A.A., Gundorin N.A., Matveev D.V. (JINR).

17. Dimitrov L. (INRNE, Sofia). High Voltage DC-DC Converter.
        Authors: Dimitrov L.P., Kounov B.B., Vankov I.D. (INRNE, Sofia).

18. Khlopkov P. (MEPhI, Moscow). Ic of a Low-Dispersion Timing Discriminator, Intended to Process Nanosecond Pulses.
        Authors: Khlopkov P.V., Savelyev D.I., Zhukov V.S. (MEPhI).

19. Maniakov P.K.(JINR). Electronics of LHE JINR for Detectors of Experimental Setups.

Computer Applications for Measurement and Control in Scientific Research

1. Polyakov A.N. (JINR). Computing at the Dubna Gas-filled Recoil Separator.
        Authors: Polyakov A.N., Tsyganov Yu.S., Subbottin V.G., Iliev S.N., Suchov A.M., Tomin V.I. (JINR). 

2. Korzioukov I. (JINR). Software for On-line Heavy Ion Beam Energy Measurements.

Triggering and Data Acquisition

1. Schoossmaier K. (CERN). Online Performance Monitoring of the Third ALICE Data Challenge (ADC3).

2. Soos C. (CERN). PCI Based Read-out Receiver Card in the ALICE DAQ System.

3. Grebenyuk V.M. (JINR). The Trigger and Read-out Systems of Space Experiment NUCLEON.
        Authors: V.M.Grebenyuk, L.G.Tkatchev (JINR), D.M.Podorozhnii (SINP MSU)

4. Zamrii V.N.(JINR). Data Acquisition Electronics with Timing for the IREN Test Facility.

5. Slepnev I.V. (JINR). Distributed Data Acquisition System for the First Detector on the SPHERE Setup. 
        Authors: S.N.Bazylev, N.A.Shutova, I.V.Slepnev, V.M.Slepnev (JINR).

6. Matveev D. (JINR). System of Analogue Modules for Data Acquisition from Two-Phase Xenon Detector.
        Authors: Akimov D.Yu.(**), Akimov Yu.K.(*), Bogdzel A.A.(*), Danilov M.V.(**), Kovalenko A.G.(**), Kovalenko D.A.(**), 
                                     Lebedenko V.N.(**), Matveev D.V.(*)
          Affiliations: (*) Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR), Dubna, Russia (**) Institute of Theoretical and Experimental  
                                     Physics (ITEP), Moscow, Russia.

7. Anguelov T., Pavlov D. (INRNE, Sofia). DAQ for CMS RPC Chambers Test.
        Authors: T.Anguelov, I.Atanasov, V.Genchev, G.Georgiev, G.Sultanov (INRNE, Sofia), L.Litov, B.Pavlov, I.Peev, 
                                    P.Petkov (Sofia University)


8. Pavlov B. (INRNE, Sofia). DAQ System Software for CMS RPC Chambers Test.
          Authors: T.Anguelov, I.Atanasov, V.Genchev, G.Georgiev, G.Sultanov (INRNE, Sofia), L.Litov, B.Pavlov, I.Peev, 
                                       P.Petkov (Sofia University)

Accelerator and Experiment Automation Control Systems

1. Funk W. (CERN). The Detector Control System of the CMS Experiment at CERN.

2. Sergueev S. (FNAL/JINR). Slow Control System for the CMS Hadron Calorimeter.

3. Volkov V. (JINR). Nuclotron Extracted Beam Diagnostics.
        Authors: V. Andreev, V. Gorchenko, I. Issinsky, A. Kirichenko, A. Kovalenko, I. Kulikov, L. Leonov, S. Novikov, S. Romanov, 
                                     P. Rukoyatkin, V. Seleznev, B. Sveshnikov, A. Tsarenkov, B. Vasilishin, M. Voevodin, V. Volkov (JINR).

4. Kuznetsov S.N. (JINR). Monitoring of Main Parameters of Relativistic Particles Beam for Synchrophasotron Experiment Delta-2.
        Authors: Kuznetsov S.N., Krasnov V.A. (JINR). 

5. Pepyolishev Yu.N. (JINR). On-line Monitoring and Analysis of IBR-2 Pulsed Neutron Source State by Web Technologies.
        Authors: Bashevoy V.V., Pepyolishev Yu.N. (JINR).

6. Rusinov I., Burin K., Tsenov R. (INRNE, Sofia). An Ultrasonic System for Remote Gas Monitoring


7. Sirotin A.P. (JINR). Control Systems of Executive Mechanisms of Experimental Setups at the IBR-2 Pulsed Reactor.
        Authors: A.I. Kuklin, V.I. Lazin, T.B. Petukhova, A.B. Roganov, A.P. Sirotin (JINR)

8. Strekalovsky O. (JINR). Some Principles of a Control System Organization of the LUE200 Linac.
        Authors: O.Strekalovsky, A.Sumbaev, A.Kayukov, A.Shvets.

9. Romanov S. (JINR). An Apparatus for Nuclotron Beam Orbit Measurement.
        Authors: V.Andreev, B.Vasilishin, A.Kirichenko, A.Kovalenko, I. Kulikov, S.Romanov,B.Sveshnikov, A.Tsarenkov, 
                                     V.Volkov (JINR), I.Atanasov (INRNE).

10. Andreev V. (JINR). Experimental Fragment of the Nuclotron Beam Losses Monitor System.
         Authors: A. Butenko, V. Gorchenko, I. Issinsky, A. Kirichenko, A.Kovalenko, V.Panyushkin, S. Romanov, B. Sveshnikov, 
                                      V. Volkov) (JINR).

Information & Data Base Systems

1. Shirikov V.P. (JINR). About Internet Resources of Physics and its Overlapping Scientific Specialities.

2. Borisovsky V.F. (JINR). The Technology of Creation of Digital Publications within the Framework of the Project "JINR Library Internet-Center".
        Authors: V.Borisovsky, I.Filozova, M.Kekelidze, E.Nikonov, (JINR).

Computer Networks for Scientific Research

1. Martin O. (CERN). Wide Area Networking Requirements and Challenges at CERN for the LHC Era.

2. G. Passage, P. Konstantinov (INRNE, Sofia), M. Mitov (ISSP, Sofia). Development of BAS Physics Campus Network Infrastructure.

3.Bonushkina A. (JINR) Nonlinear Analysis of Traffic Measurements
        Authors: P. Akritas, P.G. Akishin, I. Antoniou, A.Yu. Bonushkina, I. Drossinos, V.V. Ivanov, Yu.L.Kalinovsky, V.V. Korenkov and P.V. Zrelov

4. Popov L., Dolbilov A. (JINR). Current Status of the JINR Network (Proposal of a Gigabit Ethernet Backbone).
        Authors: I.A. Emilin, A.Dolbilov, L.A. Popov (JINR).


5. Sukhomlinov G.A. (JINR). Prospects for Developing the FLNP JINR Local Computing Network.
        Authors: Y.A. Astakhov,V.I. Prikhodko, G.A. Sukhomlinov (JINR)

GRID computing

1. Litvin V. (Caltech). Grid Infrastructure for Caltech CMS Production on Alliance Resources.
        Authors: H. Newman(*), V.Litvin(*), S. Koranda(**), B. Loftis(**), J. Towns(**), M. Livny(***), P.Couvares (***), 
                                     T. Tannenbaum (***), J. Frey (***).
           Affiliations: (*) Caltech, (**) NCSA, (***) University Wisconsin-Madison

LHC Computing

1. Willers I. (CERN). Computing and Data Management for CMS in the LHC Era. 
        Authors: Koen Holtman, Frank van Lingen, Heinz Stockinger and Ian Willers

2. Kodolova O.L. (SINP MSU)), Tikhonenko E.A.(JINR). CMS Computing Activities in Russia. 

3. P.Hristov (CERN). ALICE Computing.

4. Ilyin V. (SINP MSU). The Concept of Russian Regional Centre for LHC Data Ananlysis.

5. S.Piperov (CERN/INRNE). HARP Software Model.

6. Minaev Y.I. (JINR). Organization of Computing for ALICE Experiment at JINR LIT PC Farm.


1. Shamardin L. (SINP MSU). EU Data Grid Segment in Russia. Testbed WP6.

2. H. Karayan (YSU, Erevan). A Method for Registration of Multilevel Intensities of Double Mode Optical Beam.
        Authors: H.S. Karayan, A.N. Makaryan, Sh.G. Martirosyan , T.S. Varzhapetyan (YSU, Erevan).

3. Rustamov A. (JINR), N.Javadov (Institute of Physics of the Azerbaijan Republic). Electron Testbeam Analysis.

4. Kolosov V. (ITEP, Moscow). First Results of Using IDE File Servers for PC Farms.

5.Gevorgyan N. (YSU, Erevan). Modeling of a Semiconductor Matrix of Photosensitive Threshold Elements.
        Authors:Sh.Martirosyan, N. Gevorgyan, K. Ohanyan, H. Karayan (YSU, Erevan).

8.Sh.G. Martirosyan (YSU, Erevan). About Digital Information Processing on the Base of Polistoral Logic


6. Varhzhapetyan T.S.(YSU, Erevan). Numerical Research of Multimode Light Flux Distribution in Model Dispersive Medium. 
        Authors: Sh.G. Martirosyan, T.S. Varhzhapetyan (YSU, Erevan).